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UGX offers console gaming for all ages and generations! Whether you're an old-school gamer who grew up playing the Atari or NES, or a next gen kid who's grown up playing the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, we have different varieties to offer to our customers who are interested in playing! We have 9 PlayStation 4's, 9 Xbox One's, and a wide range of old school consoles such as Atari, NES, Xbox, PS One, just to name a few that we have available for our customers to play! Whether you're a causal player who enjoys the game as a whole, or the competitive player who goes the extra mile to come out on top, UGX has everything to satisfy your needs! Have a suggestion for us? Drop it off in the purple box on our desk by the main entrance! Come and play for only $7 an hour!

We also offer 10 Custom Built, High Quality Gaming PC's that are built to run ANY game on MAX settings! This is truly an XPERIENCE that we wanted our customers to have the pleasure of having! Come in and feel the power of these machines for yourself at only $10 an hour!

Did we mention Virtual Reality? We offer 4 Virtual Reality XPERIENCE Rooms all with different themes in each room! At only $15 an hour, you can XPERIENCE for yourself what everyone has been talking about with Virtual Reality and how awning it truly is and where technology has come along! 

*Before purchasing a VR Room, we do ask that each participant sign a waiver form*